Simplify with Daily Orange

Naranja sola hoja
By the creation of our trading division, we can offer all our clients;

  • A prospective of large quantities on all the varieties we offer
  • Continuity, guaranteed by our geographic distribution
  • A high quality product with all certifications which our clients require
  • Big diversity in shipment preparation and packaging
  • Our internal quality control, tractability and know-how, from the origin to the final point of sale.
  • An optimal logistic service, working with transportation companies, specialized in edible products.


All our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to optimize the selection process, classification and shipment preparation. All of which guarantees an adequate supply with a yearly production of:
  • 61.000 tons of table oranges
  • 37.000 tons of juice oranges
  • 28.000 tons of mandarins
  • 14.000 tons of lemons and grapefruits
  • 5000 tons of Kaki persimmons
  • 3800 tons of pomegranates
  • 2000 tons of figs


All this backed by professional team which is passionate, enthusiastic, flexible and resolute.