BIO products

To give response to the requirements of some of our customers, in 2016 we started a line of BIO products obtained from ORGANIC AGRICULTURE complying with current standards in that eld and meeting the accredi- tations and certi cations needed. Those products are inscribed on the existing registers in each region, and are subject to audits and controls.

We started this line just with clementines and oranges, and then inclu- ded lemons, mangoes, persimmons, avocados, grapefruits, chestnuts and pomegranates.
In season 2017/2018, we intend to incorporate fresh orange juice obtai- ned from organic oranges and peppers.

This is a product line-up which has grown signi cantly in the EU over the last years. That is the reason for our effort to offer customers the- se kind of products, as well as gradually increase the range of varieties available.

All of our BIO products are properly labelled and identified according to the current standards, specifying on them the information pertaining to the producer.